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Marketing & Presentation Material

Letter to Client – Preappointment Checklist

General Client Fact Finder

Create Your Own Plan for Living

IRS Guide – Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs)

Understanding Creditor Protection Within Annuities and Life Insurance

Important Questions and Information for Prospective Buyers

Cross Sell Annuities to Your Current Life Clients

Pre 59 Guidelines to AVOID Penalty

State Guarantee of All 50 States

Preserving a Life Insurance Policy Tax Loss

Index Annuity Sale as Easy as 1,2,3

What Goes Up Doesn’t Have to Come Down

What is the Cost of Waiting

Which is Right for Your…Fixed Annuity or CD

How Would You Like an Increase in Your Retirement Income

Comparing Tax-Deferred Yields to a Taxable Yield

The Real Benefits of an Index Annuities

Which Crediting Method is Better…Does it Matter

Is an Income Annuity in Your Future

Why Should You Talk About Income Annuities

What is a Split Annuity

Generic Prospecting Letter

Another Way for Charitable Giving

Do You Wonder How You Can Double Your Investment

Understanding the Facts of a Fixed Annuity

Spot the Prime Prospects for Annuitization

What Is Your Real Rate of Return

A Strategy for Any Market – Case Study

Take a Closer Look at Safe Money Places

Should I Stay (in the Market) or Should I Go

Should Your Client Convert Into a Roth IRA

A Ladder Can Be a Great Financial Tool

Bridge the Gap Between Risk and Reward

Put the Power of Zero to Work for You

Understanding the Crediting Methods for Index Annuities

Does You Client Qualify for a Rated Annuity

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